Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022
At the November Board Meeting, the Commissioners voted to not hold a meeting in December.The next regular meeting will be held January 16, 2023.Happy Holidays!
Tuesday, November 15th, 2022
Timberlake Fire is accepting applications for EMS/Fire Marshal Division Chief. Click here to view the detailed job information.Click here to access the application.
IAFF L4483






Timberlake Professional Firefighters Local 4483

The Timberlake Professional Firefighters Association, Local 4483 of the International Association of Fire Fighters represents seven (7) Career Fire Fighters. Local 4483 was founded in January, 2006. Current members include; Ryan Shuck, Ben Kaplan, Jack Duclos, Joel Long, Mike Moore, Colton Cederblom and Andrew Birdsall. Local 4483 holds three principal positions that include: President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Vice President. The Timberlake Professional Firefighters Association works to promote a progressive relationship between employers and employees, in order to better serve the citizens in and around the fire district.

Career staff work a 48/96 rotating schedule on a 3 platoon system.  In addition, a floater position was added. 






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